Tips for introducing Cat

If you want to put a new cat in your home, you and your family are generally better than the cats you already have. Although only the most cats in the wild, most accept or tolerate additions altogether. Cats can be very territorial, so you must always be careful when introducing new cats to your cat.

If you enter others, the entire introduction process can be short and only takes 10-15 days. Get to know their temperament and personality. If you only introduce new cats to your cat, you must always ensure that you give your cat lots of love and attention today. In this way, your cat feels safe and knows that it doesn't compete for affection with her new cat.

If you bring your new cat home, you should keep it in a safe place until you enter the chat. Your Vault can be less space in your home, i.e. B. additional bathroom or bedroom. The key here is to use the space that there are cats now. In this room, you must park your initial cat, bed, water bowl, sandbox, and plate.

First, your cat may currently be howling and whistling while standing at the door, trying to tell another cat that is not his. When this happens, you should ignore it, as punishment for the cat's only behavior causes other problems. After a few moments, the first cat starts acting calm when he is near the new cat's door. If he starts acting calmly, you have to pet him and compliment.

When your first cat goes through the door of your new cat and doesn't scream or whistle; You can start sending to others. The best way to do this is to get used to other scents. You can eat the same food, even if you want to eat at different intervals in advance. In this way, the taste of each cat on a plate, and each cat is reasonable when eating food.

After two cats get used to the taste, you can feed them closer. You need to keep your new cat in a safe room with the door closed and your first cat with food on the other side of the door. Feed two cats simultaneously. After a few times, they have to start eating without hissing or growling. At this point, they are ready to be introduced to each other.

If you imagine them in the same room, there will be growl and hiss. Although they can be used to flavor each other; Your first cat still feels a little uncomfortable when your new cat is near you. You have to play with them in advance so they can embrace and greet them their way. If they start fighting, you must destroy them and give them time.

It might take some time for them to get used to each other, even if they - they become lifelong friends. Cats love to socialize, but first a little rough, especially for your first cat. Cats can be very territorial, especially if you have kittens. If you are both familiar with each other from the start, it will be easier to get into the future cat for your home.

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