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Texas pet health insurance- The general population thinks of cowboys, a quarter of horses, rattlesnakes, Brahma cows and bulls when they think of cows and pets that are usually found in Lone Star State. When you think of pets, you might think of Australian heels, a Heinz mix of fifty-seven, barn cats and other livestock related to livestock. What you might not think is English Cocker Spaniels. You must. Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine has just announced that it has a new family genital mutation test at the English Cocker Spaniels. 

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 Familial nephropathy is an inherited kidney disease that is recessive. English breeders Cocker Spaniels have been aware of family nephropathy for more than fifty years. Typical symptoms of familial nephropathy are excessive alcohol consumption, excessive urination, the dog suddenly loses weight because he does not have much appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Most signs of familial nephropathy begin to appear when the dog is between six and twenty-four months old.

Dogs that will develop familial nephropathy are difficult to predict because they are born with two completely normal kidneys. As the dog grows and develops, the kidneys begin to deteriorate due to the lack of a certain type of collagen.

Familial nephropathy is normally fatal. Because it is a genetic disorder, most pet health insurance plans will not cover the cost of any treatment that dog owners wish to follow. In addition to investigating family nephropathy, the University of Texas A&M sees more than 11,500 small animals a year. That's 11,500 pet owners who could have saved money by buying a pet's health care policy for their family pet.

Some pet owners in the state of Texas like snakes, the more exotic the snake is, the happier the pet owner is. As with all pets, there are certain health care needs that snakes have that other pets do not have. Typical health care problems for snakes can be respiratory infections, eye infections, mite infestation, bone metabolic disease, abscesses, belly burns and parasites. The problem with pet snakes and other pet reptiles is that the signs of health problems are not as easy to identify as with their mammalian counterparts.

A large part of maintaining the health and well-being of your pet snake is finding a veterinarian. One of the first things you should do when selecting a veterinarian for your snake is to make sure they feel comfortable with snakes. The reality of the world is that everyone has a phobia and many people are phobic with snakes. If your veterinarian feels uncomfortable handling your precious snake, you cannot accurately diagnose the health problems you may have.
In addition to typical dogs, cats and horses, many Texans also have exotic pets such as ferrets, kangaroos, squirrels and Coatimundi. People who buy exotic pets should realize that the more exotic the pet is, the harder it will be to find the right veterinary care and the more veterinary care will cost. Before buying an exotic pet, you may want to investigate how much you could potentially spend on veterinary care during the life of the pets and find out if it is possible to buy a pet health insurance plan.

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