Understand why the cat is fighting

Understand why the cat is fighting- If you have a household with several cats, you know that it concerns catfights. Even if you mix with cats in general, sometimes they can still fight. While humans may not fully understand why their kittens are struggling, cats have a reason to fight. Some of these reasons are similar to the reason people argue. Cats express dissatisfaction with other cats by fighting. The reason cats fight can help you find out how to prevent your cat from fighting in the future.

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Battle in their territory: Many cats fight for their territory. One reason why cats fight is because they feel that unwanted cats have invaded their territory, even if it is a cat that has long lived with them. Cats are far more territorial than dogs and the cat's sex has nothing to do with it. Unlike what many believe, female cats are sometimes territorial with male cats. If you have two cats at home, you will find that one cat hissed and hit another when he felt he had invaded his territory. This can also happen if you bring home a new cat. They only defend their territory.

Social Ranking: Male cats often threaten each other and struggle for social rankings or whatever you think. Even neutral men can do this. If you have a lot of cats, especially more than one male cat, cats are usually considered "male alpha" and are at the top of the cat hierarchy. Two cats can lift their bodies and then start shouting and howling. If one of the cats goes away or retreats, fighting cats is usually avoided. However, if no one wants to throw a towel and give up, one cat attacks the other by jumping forward and trying to bite his neck. Another cat falls on his back and tries to bite or scratch the attacker with his hind legs. Both cats can pass this several times before leaving. In such battles, there is usually no injury. You might even find that young kittens or cats play together this way. Most of the time, you don't have to be involved.

Aggression: Cats also fight as a result of directed aggression, which is common in home cats. Your cat may look out the window at another cat or dog across the yard. Your cat starts acting territorially and aggressively towards this cat, but because this other cat can't be reached, he can attack other family cats. Another example is when you give your cat something. A cat can reach the first prize and start eating. Others want bribes, but eating cats can be aggressive and start wiping or moaning and other cats.

If your cat fights occasionally, you should know that this is common and typical for cats. In most cases, you can find out if your cat is struggling to get blood or just playing around. The time to end a fight is when angry; Let your cat find out for yourself. If you feel the need to stop a fight, you have to do it carefully. Even the sweetest cats can bite or scratch you in aggressive passion. To stop a fight, you have to make a loud noise, like B. a handshake. When the cat was startled by a loud noise, they both stopped to see what caused the sound. You can also spray it with water to disrupt aggressive behavior.

If you find your cat fighting, it is best not to punish cats for their fights. they don't know about punishment and fighting is a natural instinct in cats. It is best to disturb only when needed. If you find your cat struggling harder than it should, it's time to find out the reason. Are you struggling for a cat toilet, bowl or main window position? Make sure each kitten has his own "stuff" and resting place when he feels overwhelmed by other pets at home. This will do many things to prevent real catfights.

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