The basics of Hermit Crab are useful

The basics of Hermit Crab are useful- Hermit crabs are cute pets that you have to look after at home. Previously, they were provided for souvenirs from beach vacations, now they can be bought almost anywhere. They make a wonderful beginner pet for children. They are a great alternative to gerbils or hamsters that are more traditional and have a longer life span than carp! Contrary to what can be expected from hermit crabs, it is possible to play with them and they have a little personality. Do you think hermit crabs can be a great pet for you? Here are some useful tips to get started.

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Before you get crabs, you must provide basic equipment and supplies. First, they need an aquarium for their home. Forget the small cages you see in shops on the beach. Hermit crabs really need a 10-gallon aquarium to feel comfortable. If you get more than one crab, you will become a bigger aquarium. Pet shops can tell you about the best size for the number of crabs that you will accommodate. Make sure the aquarium has closed tightly so that your little friends don't run away! Place a heating pad under the tank to make your crab feel tropical.

You also need something to cover the bottom of the tank. Three to four inches of sand are best used, but you can also use shredded coral or reptile fiber pads. If you use anything other than sand, it's still good to cover a portion of the soil with sand so the crabs have a comfortable place when they are skinning.

Now that you cover your house and floor, you should get two flat water plates and a food bowl. Flat shells are suitable for this job. In one bowl of water, you must store fresh water and other saltwater prepared with a salt solution for a saltwater aquarium. The plate must be shallow enough to crawl in. Natural sea sponges are a great addition to freshwater bowls. Your crabs will love to pinch it, and that will help keep moisture in the aquarium.

The last thing you need to start your hermit crab house is some decorative wood pieces that crabs can climb. Coral shells and coconuts are also a great addition to your crabs.

After getting crabs, you must get commercial food to eat crabs. You can supplement this food with small pieces of fruit, meat, cereal or fish. Also, make sure your crab is crushed by eggshells or oyster skin to increase calcium levels. It is important to keep their fragile skeleton strong. Cuttlebone is another option for this purpose.

To treat your crab, clean water and food every day and clean the tank if necessary. You have to provide a lot of shells in a larger size so that your crabs can change houses when they grow. The best is the shells with wide openings. When your crab starts to grow, remove the skin as quickly as possible to reject it.

Optional but useful accessories are tank thermometers and humidity meters. Their ascetic crabs feel most comfortable when the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius and the humidity is between 70 and 80 percent.

With these helpful instructions, you are ready to get hermit crabs. Now all you have to do is find a name for your new pet!

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