The treatment of dangerous dogs: What you need to know before caring for your puppy

The treatment of dangerous dogs: What you need to know before caring for your puppy- Which puppy doesn't like to get one or two gifts from time to time? Dog owners also like to give their dog food. If you have a dog, you have a good idea about what your dog likes to bite. At present, there are so many items, and they are all available in various shapes, sizes, colors and consistency. For every good dog, there are people in the market that are not so good. Treat this can harm your pet if it is in your dog's throat or intestine. This can cause choking or worse. If you like treating your dog's friends, you should be aware of potentially dangerous snacks. Even with snacks that are usually harmless, you should keep an eye on your dog while eating.

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Greenies: Most dogs really like this item. They are advertised as treats that help clean your dog's teeth. However, you must be aware that "Greenies" can cause choking. This is because the dog that eats it very quickly leaves large pieces in its throat. Small puppies may not eat these foods and dogs that are prone to "shrouds". When your dog eats this food, be aware of the possibility of vomiting, bloody feces, and difficulty breathing. If you see any of these symptoms after your dog has done this treatment, see a doctor.

Rawhide Chews: Which dog doesn't like to snack on this chewy candy? Raw skin is good because it cleanses your dog's teeth and keeps your dog busy. But raw skin is dangerous. Some raw skin, which comes from outside the US, can actually be preserved with arsenic-based chemicals that your dog consumes when chewed. For this reason, make sure that all the raw skin you buy is processed in the United States where the preservative is prohibited. If you don't know where treats come from, don't buy them! In addition, you should still pay attention to your dog chewing raw skin to prevent suffocation. Make sure you also buy raw leather that is the right size for your dog. A small dog needs smaller raw food.

Chocolate is a terrible thing for dogs to eat. Of course dogs sometimes get sweets and cakes without your knowledge. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. So you need to realize that your dog makes chocolate cakes, especially during holidays. Chocolate contains an ingredient called theobromine. This affects dogs and also caffeine in humans. Slightly makes dogs hyperactive, but large doses can be fatal. If your dog falls into chocolate, you should pay attention to vomiting, shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat. A visit to the ambulance leads to something unusual.

Bones: It seems that every dog has the right to chew native bones from time to time. Dogs like all types of bones, but some bones can be dangerous. Chicken bones and turkeys are very dangerous because they are brittle. If your dog chews it, they can easily split and cause choking. Some pork and beef bones can cause the same problem. Veterinarians agree that the safest bone that you can give your dog is the shin. If you need to give your dog bone, make sure you keep an eye on your puppy and if he shows signs of bleeding, you should consult your vet immediately.

This does not mean that you cannot do something good for your dog occasionally. This is one of the fun aspects of having a dog. You must observe your dog and make sure your dog is safe while snacking. Always pay attention to what kind of reward you give your dog if there is a withdrawal.

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