Cavy Care: Is Guinea Pig Suitable for You?

Cavy Care: Is Guinea Pig Suitable for You?- If you are thinking of buying a pet for your home, think of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs, also called guinea pigs, are funny little furry creatures that bring you a lot of excitement. In addition, guinea pigs can be the first perfect pet for children, as they are easier to care for and cuddly than hamsters and/or fish. The following information will help you determine if guinea pigs are the right pet for you.

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If you want to buy a pet for your home, you can first consider a dog or a cat. These animals are perfect for home use if you have enough time to have pets. Dogs and cats need a lot of attention and space. Conversely, guinea pigs are as cute as dogs and cats and do not need as much space and care as possible. Many people like the idea that guinea pigs are the first pets for children because they live much longer than hamsters or gerbils. In fact, well-treated guinea pigs can live for up to eight or nine years. If you have a guinea pig, you will be dependent on these sweet and sweet creatures.

When you go to the store to fetch a guinea pig, it's always a good idea to take a close look and select it based on your personality. Every guinea pig has its own personality. Some are more reserved, others more friendly. If you choose guinea pigs for your child, you want to make sure the guinea pig tolerates keeping and caressing. Guinea pigs are not known to be aggressive or biting, but your child will not enjoy shy guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs must also be social animals and they love to be accompanied by other guinea pigs. If you plan to get guinea pigs, consider bringing two guinea pigs together. Male guinea pigs understand themselves well when given babies. Male guinea pigs fight against each other. If you introduce them after they grow up. Even female rabbits can get along. It is not recommended to get males and females unless you want to breed guinea pigs.

If you're looking at a guinea pig cage, you'll need to find a cage that offers plenty of room and scope. Guinea pigs like to hide in their sleep, so make sure your cage has a place to hide. The plastic or wood structure in the cage is always a good idea. You also want to put some kind of bet on the bottom of your guinea pig's cage to make cleaning easier. Cedar chips are not recommended. You also want to use a large water bottle for your guinea pig. In this case, two guinea pigs are considering buying two bottles of water. Guinea pigs like to drink water, so give them plenty of fresh water every day.

Some experts recommend adding drops of vitamin C to their water. This works well for some guinea pigs. However, some guinea pigs do not like the taste and do not want to drink water. If you want to add vitamin C to your water, make sure it is hydrated throughout the day. If you choose not to give drops of vitamin C with their water. You can add your food with fresh fruits and vegetables. Guinea pigs like fresh vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Make sure that you do not feed guinea pigs excessively, and use fruits and vegetables as food. As regards food, you should feed specially formulated guinea pigs, which are available in pet shops. Guinea pigs also need a daily supply of Timothy hay to aid digestion.

Guinea pigs are great pets for all kinds of homes. If you make guinea pigs, you can use them to make contacts. You and your children will enjoy this adorable pet for years to come.

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